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You have been invited to take part in a VR Experience with Awen

You are invited to participate in a VR journey which aims to understand the emotional impact of our immersive experience.

You are eligible to take part in this experience because, you are and are fluent in English.

You will also be asked some questions about your personality and mental health to help us understand how we can optimise the experience, and which users may benefit the most.

Participation in this VR experience is entirely voluntary. There are no consequences if you do not want to take part. To take part, you will need to first read this information sheet which will describe the experience more, and then you will need to indicate that you consent to participate using the form at the end.

You may take as much time as you want to read this information. You are welcome to share this information and discuss your participation in this VR experience with others if you wish.

One week before you take part in the VR experience, we will ask you to complete a short (5 minutes) questionnaire.

This will involve some questions about your personality and general mental health, as well as questions about your age, gender, ethnicity, and education.

On the day we will invite you into the VR lab to take part in the experience (this will take around 30 minutes).

Before and after the experience, you will answer some more short questions about your mental health, emotions, and perspectives about the VR experience.

One week after you take part in the VR experience, we will ask you to complete one shorter questionnaire (this should take around 5 minutes).

If you decide to take part in this experiment you will be directed to another web platform, known as You will be asked to fill in some questionnaires.

Note: This information sheet will need to be presented to the participants on sign up.

ages of 18 and 27 [EDIT AS NEEDED]

between the

Gorilla [Edit as Appropriate].

Awen Scientific Pipeline



X years.

Your participation is pseudonymous. The only people who will have access to your personal contact details (name, email) are the marketing team. You are welcome to withdraw this from the marketing team at any point.

All your psychological and emotional data will be linked with an anonymous ID. Any analysis of the data will not contain your personally identifiable information. Analysts will not have access to your personally identifiable data, and your personal identity will not be used in any internal outputs of this work.

Overall, it is expected that it will take approximately 40 minutes to complete your participation in this VR experience over 3 weeks. 5 minutes one week before, 30 minutes on the day, and 5 minutes one week after.

You are free to withdraw your data and your participation at any point. You do not need to provide an explanation for your withdrawal.

The data controller for this project is All data associated with this study will be stored securely at
and/or its computer systems for a minimum of Data security will be maintained in accordance with GDPR 2016 regulation.

If you have any further questions, you are free to discuss this information sheet more with our team, contactable on


Kind regards,

The Awen Team

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